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Emma Patricia Williams

Email me
07773 771937

Fitzrovia, Canonbury
In-person, Online: Teams, Skype

My fee ranges between £70 and £90.

Free online introductory meeting.

We are all influenced by the people in our lives and the experiences we have had both past and present, all of which serve to shape and define us. Sometimes we need help in understanding how the culmination of these factors can get in the way of being able to live life fully and with ease.

Maybe you're looking for relief from the pain of anxiety or depression. You could be struggling with life changes or loss. You may want a better relationship with yourself and/or those closest to you. I offer a non-judgemental space in which I can help you to explore your feelings, beliefs and patterns of behaviour. We can journey together into your inner world, make sense of your difficulties and create ways of coping, healing and thriving.

I am client-led in terms of topics discussed and pace of work. I may invite you to think about things differently or offer an alternative perspective. This is always done with an attitude of unconditional acceptance. I bring warmth, empathy and a sense of humour. I can be challenging where necessary whilst being supportive and compassionate. I work relationally which means the relationship we form as client and therapist is extremely important in terms of promoting healing. I sometimes use guided meditations and breath work in order to create a sense of grounding.

My practice is non-discriminatory, race and LGBTQIA+ affirmative. I work hard to ensure that I am aware of issues that affect minority groups to which I do not belong. I am gender, sexuality and relationship diversity informed.

I offer focused short term counselling (typically 8-12 sessions) and long-term therapy for anyone wanting to work through more complex and deep seated issues.

Addiction, alcoholism, anger, anxiety, bereavement, depression, domestic violence, gender identity, illness, poor body image, pregnancy related issues, post-traumatic stress, relationship issues, sexual abuse, sexuality, trauma.

As well as private practice, I have worked with clients in a community counselling service and as a school counsellor. I have trained in mindfulness, meditation and yoga which informs a holistic approach to my work.

I have extensive experience of working with difficulties such as anxiety, depression, dysfunctional family relationships, identity, low self-esteem, loss, poor body image and stress. I have experience of working with domestic and sexual abuse. I have specialist experience of working with alcohol and drug dependency and addiction. I am familiar with 12 Step recovery programmes.

Before becoming a counsellor I worked for 20 years as a secondary school teacher, senior leader and behavioural consultant in both mainstream schools and pupil referral units for young people excluded from mainstream education.

My session fees range between £70 and £90 dependent on time and location.

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